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Coven Cassiopeia

Coven Cassiopeia

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In the mist-laden air where shadows twist, they whispered to Cassiopeia - faint, enigmatic whispers of the Silver Cobra. Sliding up through tombstones worn and ancient, through lands where the dead murmur and stir. Now, within castle’s towering stone, amongst the blue-blooded and decadent, she moves. Her garden, a silent gallery of horror, hosts souls forever caught in a ballet of fear, their screams silent, faces twisted and locked in perennial dismay.

Meet Cassiopeia, a creature of deadly grace, weaving through the night with intents dark and intoxicating. Born of Du Couteau’s noble lineage, the youngest and once celebrated for beauty unparalleled, she sought power, ancient and forbidden, in the sunken crypts of Shurima. Amidst the echoes and chill, a guardian of tombs laid its curse upon her, venom turning beauty into a visage fearsome and serpentine.

Now, under the moon’s pale gaze, Cassiopeia dances, a predator with eyes gleaming maliciously. With every slither, she draws the veil of night tighter, her gaze weaving a tapestry of petrification. Those who meet her eyes are lost, turned to monuments of terror in her silent, eerie garden. With whispers soft and a gaze baleful, she commands the night, a puppeteer of the sinister and the macabre.

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Category: Epic Skin Price: 1350 RP Concept: Enveloped in the mystique of the Coven. Model: Revel in a revamped model with exquisite textures and animations, shadowy and sublime! Particles: Savor the hypnotic allure of all-new skill particles and animations, enticing and lethal! Animations: A recall animation that whispers tales of ancient, dark magic, tantalizing and irresistible! Sounds: Immerse in hauntingly beautiful new sounds, weaving a symphony of dread and power. Release Date: 2021 Sold In-game? Undoubtedly!

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