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Crime City Twitch

Crime City Twitch

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Crime City Twitch, a product of Zaun's grim underbelly, embodies the essence of filth and treachery. Born into the chaotic and polluted heart of Zaun, he thrives amidst the squalor and decay, reveling in his status as a plague rat. With a chem-powered crossbow in his paws, Twitch takes aim at the glittering heights of Piltover, determined to expose the pristine city above for the cesspool it truly is.

A master of subterfuge, Twitch skulks through the shadows of Zaun, scouring the Sump for hidden treasures amidst the refuse and rot. His basic attacks carry a virulent payload, infecting his victims with true damage that corrodes their very essence.

But Twitch's nefarious pursuits extend beyond scavenging. Deeply violent and plagued by paranoia, he commands one of the nation's largest crime syndicates. His orders are executed by a legion of rat-men, the only beings he dares to trust in his ruthless quest for power and control.

In the crime-infested world of Zaun, Crime City Twitch reigns supreme as a cunning and unrelenting force, determined to leave his mark on the city, one stolen treasure and moldy sandwich at a time.

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Category: Regular skin Price: 975 RP Concept: Twitch as a member of the Chicago Outfit. Model: Major model changes for Twitch and new model for his crossbow. Particles: New bullets for his auto-attack and new projectile for Venom Cask. Animations: No new animations. Sounds: New machine gun sound for his auto-attack. Release date: October 12, 2010

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