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Dawnbringer Soraka

Dawnbringer Soraka

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Dawnbringer Soraka, a celestial wanderer from the realms beyond Mount Targon, possesses a captivating tale of sacrifice and enlightenment. She willingly relinquished her immortality to shield mortal races from their darker inclinations, spreading compassion and mercy to all, even those who harbor ill intentions. Witnessing the world's trials, Soraka remains steadfast in her belief that the people of Runeterra can attain greater heights.

Born as a child of the gods amidst the clash of chaos and order, Soraka bears the combined powers of Riven and Yasuo within her being. Her mission is to quell the strife among the gods by embracing the radiant light to dispel the looming darkness, harnessing the essence of dawn to restore harmony to the tumultuous world.

In gameplay, Dawnbringer Soraka exhibits her celestial abilities. She rushes to aid low-health allies, exemplifying her dedication to healing. With Starcall, she summons falling stars to damage and slow enemies while rejuvenating herself when striking enemy champions. Astral Infusion allows her to selflessly sacrifice her own health to heal comrades. Equinox creates a silencing zone that, upon expiration, roots any remaining enemies. Her ultimate ability, Wish, fills her allies with hope, instantaneously restoring health to herself and all allied champions.

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Category: Legendary skin Price: 1820 RP Concept: Soraka in the Dawnbringer theme. Model: New model and textures: Dawnbringer Soraka embodies hope and order. Particles: New VFX: Drawing upon the powers of hope and order, she pierces her enemies and blesses her allies. Animations: New animations and rig: She angelically heals an ailing spirit during her Recall. Sounds: New SFX and VO lines: The sounds of holy light brightens her kit, complete with some unique Dawnbringer lines. Release date: November 27, 2019 Sold ingame? Yes

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