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Debonair Leona

Debonair Leona

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- Before buying Debonair Leona skin, ensure that you have already unlocked the Leona champion.
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- Orders are typically delivered within an average of 68 hours; please note that for your first order, there is a mandatory waiting period of at least 24 hours.
- Be aware that LoL accounts that are banned cannot receive orders, although this restriction does not apply to accounts with chat restrictions.

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By day, within the plush confines of the exclusive Solari resort, Leona is an unyielding enforcer, her gaze alone sufficient to subdue the unruly. As the sun sinks, bathing the city in twilight’s glow, she transforms. Amidst the glitterati and moguls, she navigates, her charm irresistible and her laughter intoxicating.

Respected and slightly feared, her name is whispered amongst high society. One does not cross the chosen of Solari — for her retribution is swift, like being hurled from penthouse's dizzying height to the cold, hard embrace of the sidewalk.

Cloaked in sunlight’s fierce blaze, Leona, the sacred Solari sentinel, guards Mount Targon’s revered peaks. Her Zenith Blade gleams menacingly, Shield of Daybreak pulsating with latent power. Underneath her skin, a dance of starfire, her eyes smoldering with the celestial fury of the Aspect she embodies.

Adorned in golden armor, she's a spectacle of divine might and elegance. Each step is weighted with the ancient wisdom and duty she carries upon her armored shoulders. To some, she is the beacon, casting light to obliterate shadows, illuminating the path to enlightenment. To others, she is the harbinger of the ultimate eclipse, where light is both sword and shield, bringing with it either salvation or the quietude of death.

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Category: Epic Skin Price: 1350 RP Concept: Imbued with the suave Debonair aesthetic. Model: Witness a transformed model, with textures and animations dripping sophistication and allure! Particles: Experience the dazzle of all-new skill particles and animations, each flicker whispering elegance and might! Animations: A recall animation that’s the epitome of style, smooth and undeniably chic! Sounds: Indulge in the sonorous, new audio that hums with authority and grandeur. Release Date: 2021 Sold In-game? Without a doubt!

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