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Faerie Court Seraphine

Faerie Court Seraphine

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Faerie Court Seraphine, a mesmerizing enchantress born in the heart of Piltover to Zaunite parents, possesses a unique and ethereal connection to the souls of others. From her early days, the world's symphony enveloped her, overwhelming yet inspiring her. Today, she harnesses these harmonious energies to transform chaos into a breathtaking symphony, a testament to her innate musical prowess.

As a symbol of unity between Piltover and Zaun, Seraphine graces the sister cities with her enchanting performances. Through her melodious tunes, she reminds their citizens that they are never alone, that their strength lies in their unity, and that boundless potential resides within each of them.

In the radiant realm of the Faerie Court, Lady Seraphine is celebrated as a sunny siren of the Summer Court. Her remarkable makeover skills played an integral role in preparing Karma and Kalista to face nobility with unparalleled style. A true master of courtly manners, she imparts her wisdom to her newfound friends, teaching them the essence of true fabulosity.

Faerie Court Seraphine's allure blends seamlessly with her captivating Seraphine skins, embracing her innate beauty. However, amidst the enchanting array of Seraphine's appearances, Faerie Court Seraphine retains a unique charm that sets her apart as a spellbinding muse, enchanting the very essence of her audience.

With every third spell she casts, Seraphine unleashes her magic twice, creating a symphony of enchantment. Her proximity to allies augments her power, bestowing bonus magic damage and extending the reach of her next basic attack. Faerie Court Seraphine embodies the beauty of unity, weaving her melodies into the hearts of all who hear her, forever leaving them captivated by her ethereal presence. 

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Category: Epic Skin Price: 1350 RP Concept: Winged Reign Model: New model, textures and animations! Particles: AI new skill particles and animations! Animations: New recall animation! Sounds: New SFX! – New VO processing! Release date: 2023 Sold ingame? Yes

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