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Faerie Queen Karma

Faerie Queen Karma

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- Before buying Faerie Queen Karma skin, ensure that you have already unlocked the Karma champion.
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Faerie Queen Karma, the luminous monarch of the Seelie Court of Light and Beauty, embodies the spiritual essence of Ionia like no other. Across countless lifetimes, she has transcended mortal boundaries, carrying the wisdom of ages past within her soul. Her power, a profound enigma, surpasses mortal comprehension.

In times of crisis, Karma has steadfastly guided her people, recognizing that the pursuit of peace and harmony often demands great sacrifices, both personal and for the cherished land of Ionia. Hail Her Majesty, Karma, the benevolent Queen of the Seelie Court, revered for her grace and strength.

Her unexpected ascent to the throne surprised nobles, commoners, and even Karma herself. Nevertheless, she now stands as a paragon of regal poise and authority, overseeing the delicate balance between the ever-embroiled seasonal sub-courts. As the guardian of the shifting seasons, she ensures harmony prevails amidst the ceaseless disputes.

Long live the Queen who personifies the radiant virtues of the Seelie Court, a testament to the enduring spirit of Ionia. Faerie Queen Karma reigns with wisdom and grace, a living legend in the League of Legends universe.

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Category: Legendary skin Price: 1820 RP Concept: Faeire Court Model: New model, textures and animations! Particles: AI new skill particles and animations! Animations: New recall animation! Sounds:New Sounds Release date: March 23, 2023 Sold ingame? Yes

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