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High Noon Irelia

High Noon Irelia

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In the desperate west, salvation is a rare breeze. The Noxian clutch upon Ionia birthed heroes, among them, the unanticipated Irelia of Navori. Schooled in her province’s ancient dances, she transformed her art into warfare, levitating a slew of lethal blades with movements both elegant and deadly.

From a skilled warrior, she was catapulted into roles of resistance icon and leader, and her dedication to her homeland’s safeguarding remains steadfast. When Irelia’s spells strike adversaries, she accrues stacking bonus Attack Speed. Achieving maximum stacks also bestows additional damage upon hits, embodying both the grace of her dance and the lethal precision of her resolve.

Amidst the dusty winds of the high noon, her blades dance a ballet of protection and retribution, etching her defiance against the oppressive horizon.

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Category: Epic skin Price: 1350 RP Concept: High Noon Model: New model, textures and animations! Particles: All new skill particles and animations! Animations: New recall animation! Sounds: New SFX! – New VO processing! Release date: 2020 Sold ingame? Yes

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