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Myrmidon Pantheon

Myrmidon Pantheon

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Myrmidon Pantheon is a testament to resilience and defiance in the League of Legends universe. Once an unwilling vessel for the Aspect of War, Atreus bore the burden of celestial power until that power was extinguished. Instead of succumbing to the force that tore stars from the heavens, he adapted. Over time, he embraced the strength of his own mortality and the unwavering determination that accompanies it.

Now reborn as Pantheon, he stands as a formidable opponent to the divine, wielding the fallen Aspect's weapons with an unbreakable will. His every action on the battlefield is fueled by this indomitable spirit, manifesting in empowered spells and attacks after a few strikes.

Myrmidon Pantheon's story reflects a profound transformation, from a reluctant host of cosmic might to a mortal warrior who defies the gods themselves. His existence embodies the stubborn resolve of a Myrmidon, a figure shaped by divine forces but ultimately marching against them. In the fire of his merciless eyes, one can glimpse the echoes of humanity's wars and struggles, a reminder that even gods can be challenged and overcome.

This League of Legends skin captures the essence of Myrmidon Pantheon's journey, making him a formidable and inspiring character in the game's universe. 

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Category: Regular skin Price: 520 RP Concept: Pantheon dressed as a Greek myrmidon. Model: New textures for Pantheon and his weapons. Particles: No new particles. Animations: No new animations. Sounds: No new sounds. Release date: February 02, 2010 Sold ingame? Yes

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