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Pool Party Sett

Pool Party Sett

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Pool Party Sett is the undisputed kingpin of Ionia's burgeoning criminal underworld. Rising to prominence following the Noxian conflict, he began his journey as a humble fighter in the Navori pits. However, Sett quickly earned a fearsome reputation for his brutal strength and his uncanny ability to endure relentless punishment. Climbing the ranks of local combatants, he now sits atop the throne of the very pits he once battled in.

In the world of League of Legends, Sett's distinctive fighting style is characterized by alternating left and right punches, with the right punch delivering a slightly stronger and faster blow. Averse to defeat, Sett gains additional health regeneration proportional to his missing vitality.

Sett's move set includes "Knuckle Down," where his next two attacks deal extra damage based on the enemy's maximum health and grants him bonus movement speed towards enemy champions. "Haymaker" allows Sett to store damage taken as Grit, which he can expend to gain a protective shield and unleash a devastating punch, dealing true damage at the center and physical damage on the sides. "Facebreaker" enables him to pull in enemies from opposite sides, dealing damage and stunning them, or slowing if enemies are only on one side. Finally, "The Show Stopper" sees Sett soaring through the air with an enemy champion, slamming them into the ground to deal damage and slow nearby foes.

Sett's indulgence in Braum's tropical drinks with a penchant for sweetness and large, colorful flowers showcases his relaxed side. Cross him, and you'll have to deal with the Boss or face the Lifeguard's intervention. Pool Party Sett is the embodiment of strength and style, ruling the sands and waves with an iron fist.

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Category: Epic skin Price: 1350 RP Release date: 2021 Sold ingame? Yes

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