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Snow Moon Varus

Snow Moon Varus

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When Blood Moon cultists descended into madness, forcing Varus to extinguish the lives of his own comrades, he became a wellspring of agony. Pleading with the Snow Moon Order, he sought to become an instrument of frostbitten vengeance, desiring his sorrow to be numbed, his pain to be frozen over. The Order endeavored to purify him, to strip away these heretical passions...

Yet the whispers of Valmar and Kai persist, smoldering embers of vengeance lingering in his now-cold heart. Varus, an ancient darkin, reveled in the torment of his foes as a lethal adversary, savoring their descent into madness before unleashing the fatal arrow. Imprisoned in the wake of the Great Darkin War, he broke free centuries later through the resurrected flesh of two Ionian hunters.

Unknowingly, they had unleashed him, now cursed to embody the bow that bound his essence. The pursuit of revenge against his captors consumes Varus, even as the mortal souls within him resist his every malevolent stride. Varus, upon a kill or assist, briefly revels in heightened Attack Speed, the bonus magnified if the fallen is a champion.

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Category: Epic Skin Price: 1350 RP Concept: Moons of Ionia/Show Moon Model: New model, textures and animations! Particles: AI new skill particles and animations! Animations: New recall animation! Sounds: New SFX! – New VO processing! Release date: 2023 Sold ingame? Yes

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