For Immortal and Signature bundles, friend requests take up to 48 hours to be sent due to high demand.

Cheap League of Legends Items

Buy League of Legends items like skins, orbs and more for up to 50% cheaper!


How does this work?

1. Add your desired item(s) in your cart, feel free to choose how many items you want.

2. At the checkout, fill in the required input fields and do not forget to leave your Summoner’s name and region. This is very important information for your order to be fulfilled!

3. You will receive a friend request shortly after. Make sure to accept it!

4. After you accept the friend request, at least 24 hours must pass before your order can be sent. Keep in mind, that the process may take up to 36 hours.

5. You receive your items! There are no requirements in order to receive your purchase, you will either receive a notification, that you got a gift, or your items will be in your skin collection/loot/etc.

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