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Buy League of Legends Champions

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League of Legends stands as the most played MOBA globally, offering a free-to-play experience. For LoL beginners, the best champions are usually the most affordable ones. New players can opt for Champions like Master Yi or Annie, priced between 450 to 1300 Blue Essence. These champions are cost-effective and user-friendly, perfect for those just starting, but if you want to try something more interesting and difficult you can buy League of Legends Champions on our store.

Buy Lol Champions

On RPGifting.com you can buy League of Legends champions that suits your every need. The selection of LoL champions is broad. Players who enjoy surprising their opponents might favor champions like Thresh or Nautilus. Others, geared towards initiating combat, might choose Leona or Rell, one of the latest additions to the game. Interestingly, some champions, although designed for different roles, can adapt to support. Sett is one such champion, commonly found in the jungle but also effective as a support when built as a tank, due to his robust abilities and high health.

Regarding female champions in League of Legends, of the over 150 available, 56 are female. Gwen, the recent fighter-type champion, excels in the top lane, while Lillia is primarily a jungle champion. With every role offering a choice of female champions, players can select the one that best suits their preferred playstyle. So, buy your selected champion now at GP Gifting.

Other Ways to Buy League of Legends Champions

Buy champs with Blue Essence

In League of Legends, Blue Essence serves as the primary form of in-game currency, vital for unlocking various features. Blue essence can be gained through gameplay, completing specific tasks called Missions, or by breaking down Champion Shards found in Champion Capsules, which you receive as rewards for leveling up.

Gather a sufficient amount of Blue Essence to permanently buy LoL champions to your roster.

Earning Blue Essence: Methods and Tips

To amass a significant amount of Blue Essence, follow these strategies. For more comprehensive information, consult our detailed Blue Essence guide.

After reaching Summoner Level 5 via gameplay, you will begin to acquire Champion Capsules with each new level. These capsules contain Champion Shards, which you can either disenchant for Blue Essence (BE), use with BE to activate, or upgrade for permanent champion access.

By playing exceptionally well or demonstrating exemplary teamwork, you’ll gain Honor points. As your Honor ranking increases, you’ll be rewarded with Honor Capsules. These may include Champion Shards, which, like others, can be disenchanted.
Engage in Missions like the “First Win of the Day” to earn extra BE. Look out for various other Missions, many of which are tied to specific events, to boost your Blue Essence accumulation.

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