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Buy League of Legends Loot & Orbs

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League of Legends offers more than just in-game power-ups with its new items. Players now have the opportunity to earn rewards and even some of the rarest skins for free by using these items outside of matches. While some players explore options to buy league of legends loot & orbs, it’s important to note that not all items, like Hextech/Masterwork chests or keys, are tradable. Some are exclusively obtained through gameplay in League of Legends.

Buy LoL Chests and Keys

Of course players an buy League of Legends loot & orbs from us, but they can also buy Hextech chests and keys. With the addition of an inventory tab in the client, players can collect hextect chacts and keys by playing matches and achieving high Mastery scores with champions. Fortunately, chests and keys can be traded or gifted, making them accessible to those wanting to help friends. However, what players receive from chests is entirely random. Occasionally, they might get a Legendary or Ultimate skin shard, but more commonly, they receive Blue/Orange Essence and key fragments. While there is only one type of key, there are two types of chests: Hextech and Masterwork. Hextech chests, the more common type, are earned through matches, whereas Masterwork chests are purchased in the in-game store and often contain higher-tier skin shards and Gemstones.

Buy League of Legends Champion Capsules

League of Legends champion capsules differ from other items on this list as they cannot be traded or gifted but we found a way to give them to players. Players must earn them by playing League of Legends. With each level up, players automatically receive these capsules. Regular Champion capsules are the easiest to acquire, as they are awarded with every level increase. Glorious Champion capsules, awarded every 10 levels, are slightly harder to obtain. Other variants, like Honor capsules and Event capsules (e.g., Orbs), share the common trait of being non-tradable. There’s no indication yet from Riot Games about making these capsules giftable, but for now, players can only obtain them through extensive gameplay. The good news is that there are no specific requirements, such as needing to win matches, to earn these capsules.

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