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LoL Mystery Gifting Basics

With League of Legends gifting you get a change at getting mystery skins, chests or whatever, which are available of LoL itself to buy for 490 RP and 790 RP respectively. However, you can only buy them for yourself during major holidays throughout the year. But, there’s a way around it, you can have friends gift these to you at any time, eliminating the need to wait for a specific holiday.

League of Legends offers cosmetic skins in five pricing tiers: 520, 750, 975, 1350, and 1820 RP. Additionally, there are four ultimate skins, each priced at 3250 RP, which are often the primary targets for mystery gift enthusiasts.

Buy League of Legends Mystery Gifts from RP Gifting

If you Buy Mystery Gift for 790 RP is a cost-effective option as it guarantees a skin valued at 975 RP or higher for any champion you own. The catch is that you can’t choose the specific skin you receive, adding a gambling element to the experience. Mystery Chests also offer the chance to obtain legacy skins, which are no longer available in the game.

While this seems like a great deal, it’s important to remember that Riot frequently offers 50% off skin sales, which might be a better value than spending 790 RP on a Mystery Chest. Plus, with sales, you get to choose the skin you want. If you’re after specific skins, the more practical approach is to wait for them to go on sale. It’s a trade-off between acquiring a random skin at a lower cost or waiting for a desired skin to be discounted, which may or may not happen.

Mystery Gift Gambling

If your goal is to get cheap ultimate LoL skins through mystery gifting, you might wonder whether to buy Mystery Skins or Mystery Chests. Considering that the most common skin price in League of Legends is around 975 RP, the choice between a Mystery Skin and a Mystery Chest often leads to a favorable outcome either way. When calculated, a Mystery Skins average value of 919 RP, while a Mystery Chest offers an average skin value of 1139 RP. This translates to a 300 RP additional cost for a 220 RP difference in value.

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