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Your League account has no risk of getting banned since we are gifting you your skins through the League client. We have hundreds of customers whose accounts are all active since the day we started and 0 issues concerning this. The only way of getting banned is buying RP from an illegal source.

After you make a payment, we will send you a friend request. Please do accept the request, otherwise we can’t send you the gift. Your order will be delivered within 24-48hours.

Our workings hours are:
Monday-Thursday 16-00 (GMT+2)
Friday-Sunday 12-00 (GMT+2)

GKRP is 110% safe. We make use of safe and reliable payment methods such as Mastercard, Visa and others. Your card information is encrypted for us, meaning we can’t see or access it. It is protected by Stripe.

No, we do not need any other information other than your username and region so accessing your league account is impossible for us.

We process orders in an average of 36 hours, but on some occasions and due to high demand, some orders may be delayed up to 96 hours. If your order takes longer than usual, we will inform you of the current situation and when we expect to deliver it. If we cannot deliver your order within 96 hours, we will refund the undelivered items if requested.

No worries. Just send us an email ASAP.

Yes, for PayPal instructions please email us at info@rpgifting.com

If you need something from the store that isn’t listed on our page, please contact us for further assistance, and we’ll be happy to help you find the product you’re looking for.

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