Blood Lord Vladimir


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Blood Lord Vladimir, a daunting presence in Noxian lore, thrives on the essence of life itself. His journey through the annals of time intertwines with the very fabric of Noxus, courtesy of his hemomantic prowess. This dark art, a blend of magic and blood, fuels his eternal youth and grants him dominion over the wills of others. In the public eye, Vladimir dazzles the aristocracy, weaving a network of devout followers. Meanwhile, in the shadows, he drains the vitality of those who cross his path.

His primary skill, Hemoplague, casts a deadly spell over a chosen area. This plague amplifies the torment felt by his victims. As it culminates, it explodes, inflicting magic damage and channeling vitality back to Blood Lord Vladimir for each Champion caught in its wake.

Before ascending to infamy, Vladimir led a Bloodstone cult. A grim ritual marked the end of his mortal ties and the beginning of his reign of terror. This ceremony consumed countless lives, birthing a creature of the night. Now, Blood Lord Vladimir haunts Noxus’s alleyways, ever in search of new victims to quench his undying thirst.

Transitioning from a mere noble to a feared predator, Vladimir’s existence is a testament to the darker aspects of power. His ability to manipulate life forces positions him as a formidable adversary. With each life taken, he inches closer to his ultimate goal of absolute dominion. This quest for supremacy, however, is not without its challenges. As he navigates the complexities of Noxian society and the intricacies of hemomancy, Vladimir remains a symbol of the eternal struggle between life and death.

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Category: Legendary Skin
Price: 1820 RP
Concept; Vladimir wearing an engraved armour with a super-natural aspect.
Model: New model for Vladimir.
Particles: New particles for his abilities and emotes.
Animations: New animations for his emotes and death.
Sounds: New voice-over for Vladimir.
Release date: November 21, 2011
Sold in game?: Yes


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Blood Lord VladimirBlood Lord Vladimir

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