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Broken Covenant Miss Fortune


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Availability: 500 in stock

In the shadowed corners of Bilgewater, Broken Covenant Miss Fortune reignites the fires of vengeance. Known for her striking beauty and feared for her lethal precision, Sarah Fortune emerges as a stark contrast against the backdrop of ruthless pirates. Her journey from a grief-stricken child, who witnessed her family’s murder by the reaver king Gangplank, to a vengeful captain is both tragic and awe-inspiring. She exacted her revenge in a blaze of glory, ensuring Gangplank’s flagship was his tomb.

Her combat style is as unpredictable as the tides, blending agility with unerring accuracy. Each new target feels the sting of her bonus physical damage, a testament to her adaptability in battle. With her ability to fire a bullet that damages not just its initial target but also an enemy beyond, she embodies the principle that every action can have far-reaching effects.

Broken Covenant Miss Fortune moves with a grace that belies her ferocity, her speed a whisper on the wind until she unleashes her fury. Activating her ability not only grants her a burst of attack speed but, ingeniously, her swift retribution reduces the cooldown of this power. She then unleashes a storm of bullets, revealing her targets in a dance of destruction that slows and overwhelms them. Her ultimate display, a channelled barrage of bullets, encapsulates her relentless spirit. Each wave has the potential to critically strike, decimating her foes in a spectacular show of force.

Beyond her prowess in battle, Broken Covenant Miss Fortune serves as a beacon for the Broken Covenant, her resolve unshaken. She seeks justice not just for her parents’ murder but to confront the betrayal by her once closest ally, Riven. Miss Fortune’s path is one of righteousness, her mission clear: to eradicate the Neverghaast and the evil they represent. This mission fuels her, driving her forward in her crusade against darkness.

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Category: Epic Skin
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Broken Covenant
Model: New model, textures and animations!
Particles: AI new skill particles and animations!
Animations: New recall animation!
Sounds: New SFX! – New VO processing!
Release date: March 9, 2023
Sold in game?: Yes


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Broken Covenant Miss FortuneBroken Covenant Miss Fortune

Availability: 500 in stock

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