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Dark Cosmic Lux


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From the noble parapets of Demacia, Luxanna Crownguard, known as Lux, once held the weight of a secret as bright as the light she commands. Amidst fear and suspicion towards magic within her homeland, Dark Cosmic Lux concealed her luminous powers to protect her family’s honor, a solitary guardian of a light unseen. Her journey from clandestine sorceress to beacon of hidden strength is a testament to her enduring hope and resilience.

Dark Cosmic Lux reveals the celestial paradox of her being. Touched by the eerie call of the Dark Star, Lux has been transformed, her luminous essence now intertwined with the unfathomable abyss. Her newfound power is majestic yet terrifies, drawing upon the vast energies of the cosmos to shape the very fabric of reality.

Lux binds her enemies not with chains of light, but with the gravity of darkened stars, her spells an otherworldly dance of cosmic disruption. Each incantation charges her foes with dark energy, her attacks igniting the void within them in a burst of destructive radiance. Her Light Binding ensnares the unwary in a binary of darkness and light while the Lucent Singularity reveals the inescapable vortex where all light dissipates.

Her ultimate convergence, the Final Spark, is now a cataclysmic event, an eruption of dark energy coursing through the void, collapsing all creation into a singularity of her own ambition. As Dark Cosmic Lux emerges as the new Queen of a Dark Court, her reign is not of sovereignty but of an endless, consuming eclipse.

Lux’s tale has become a cosmic legend – a chronicle of light transcending its own purity, intertwining with the all-consuming dark, a duality embraced and embodied by the Dark Cosmic Queen herself.

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Category: Legendary Skin
Price: 1820 RP
Concept: Lux in the Dark Cosmic theme.
Model: New model for Lux.
Particles: New particles for his abilities and emotes.
Animations: New animations for his emotes and death.
Sounds: New voice-over for Lux.
Release date: March 26, 2020
Sold in game?: Yes


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Dark Cosmic LuxDark Cosmic Lux

Availability: 495 in stock

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