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Dawnbringer Soraka


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Dawnbringer Soraka emerges as a beacon of hope, traversing the cosmos with a story of sacrifice and rebirth. She chose to forsake her immortality, offering protection to mortals from their own shadows. In every corner of Runeterra, her presence brings solace and kindness, even to those with hearts tainted by malice. Amidst the challenges that plague the world, Soraka stands unwavering. She holds a vision of a brighter future for all beings.

As a divine offspring, Soraka embodies the essence of both chaos and order. Her powers blend the strengths of Riven and Yasuo. Her purpose shines clear. She aims to mend the rifts between the gods. By harnessing dawn’s light, she fights to dispel the encroaching darkness. Her goal is to weave peace into the fabric of a world torn by conflict.

On the battlefield, Dawnbringer Soraka showcases her divine capabilities. She swiftly moves to assist allies on the brink, showcasing her healing prowess. With Starcall, she calls upon celestial bodies. These stars damage foes, slow their pace, and rejuvenate Soraka when they hit enemy champions. Astral Infusion reveals her selfless nature. She offers her vitality to mend her allies’ wounds. Equinox casts a spell of silence. It then ensnares those who linger within its bounds. Her ultimate, Wish, is a testament to her boundless compassion. It channels healing energies to her and her teammates, regardless of their location.

Dawnbringer Soraka’s journey is more than a tale of divine intervention. It is a beacon of what we can achieve with empathy and unity. She embodies the possibility of a harmonious world, a testament to the enduring power of hope and healing.

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Category: Legendary skin
Price: 1820 RP
Concept: Soraka in the Dawnbringer theme.
Model: New model and textures: Dawnbringer Soraka embodies hope and order.
Particles: New VFX: Drawing upon the powers of hope and order, she pierces her enemies and blesses her allies.
Animations: New animations and rig: She angelically heals an ailing spirit during her Recall (B).
Sounds: New SFX and VO lines: The sounds of holy light brightens her kit, complete with some unique Dawnbringer lines.
Release date: November 27, 2019
Sold in game?: Yes


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Dawnbringer SorakaDawnbringer Soraka

Availability: 499 in stock

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