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Definitely Not Udyr stands as the epitome of primal strength and spiritual connection, embodying the heart and soul of the Freljord. As the most potent spirit walker known, he bridges the realm of spirits and the physical world. He not only empathizes with the spirits but also channels their formidable energies into a unique combat style. Udyr seeks an inner equilibrium, ensuring his mind remains his own among the multitude of voices. Moreover, he strives for balance in the world around him, understanding that conflict and sacrifice nurture the Freljord’s mystical lands.

In battle, Udyr’s mastery over the spirits manifests through four dynamic stances. Each stance, a testament to his versatility, offers unique abilities and the chance for ultimate enhancements upon recasting. After deploying an ability, Definitely Not Udyr ensues attacks bristle with increased ferocity.

The Wilding Claw stance accelerates Udyr’s attack speed, with subsequent strikes unleashing lightning upon his adversaries. A recast intensifies this effect, heralding even more swift and electrifying assaults. In the Iron Mantle stance, Udyr fortifies himself with a protective shield while rejuvenating his vigor with each hit. Recasting amplifies his resilience, enveloping him in a more substantial shield and a surge of healing.

Blazing Stampede propels Definitely Not Udyr forward, his initial attack against foes stunning them in their tracks. A recast boosts his speed further, granting him a fleeting immunity to restraints. Lastly, the Wingborne Storm encircles him with a chilling tempest, slowing and damaging nearby enemies. An empowered recast unleashes this storm’s full wrath, seeking out foes to inflict greater harm.

Embrace the spirit of the Freljord. Don the guise of the beast. With Definitely Not Udyr, transcend the ordinary, blending humor and might into an unforgettable legend.

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Category: Regular Skin
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Definitely Not
Model: New model, textures and animations!
Particles: AI new skill particles and animations!
Animations: New recall animation!
Sounds: New SFX! – New VO processing!
Release date: March 31, 2015
Sold in game?: Yes


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Definitely Not UdyrDefinitely Not Udyr

Availability: 500 in stock

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