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Empyrean Jhin


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Empyrean Jhin, an incarnation of celestial judgment, embodies a blend of cosmic terror and astral beauty. He is a paradox, merging the cold emptiness of space with the fleeting brilliance of a star on the verge of death. As a virtuoso of violence and a connoisseur of the macabre, Jhin crafts his horrifying performances with precision. Each shot he fires is a dirge, threading through the vast silence of the cosmos.

Once imprisoned for ages, he was freed by dark schemes from Ionia’s deepest shadows. Now, his bullets whisper the finale of existence with chilling grace. The scenes of his grim tableau remain quiet until his final act unfolds. Afterward, only echoes of fear linger.

Empyrean Jhin transcends the mortal coil. The lives he takes serve as tributes to the endless void. His actions, more magnificent now, are not merely displays of creativity. They shape fate itself, showcasing the entropy at the universe’s end.

In his Empyrean guise, Jhin embarks on a quest to spark a new era of darkness. A maestro of mortality, he leaves behind a legacy that endures beyond his years. This legacy is a monument to the ephemeral, etched into the stars themselves.

Empyrean Jhin’s design captivates, with celestial motifs adorning his attire. His mask, a visage of otherworldly judgment, strikes fear into the hearts of all who gaze upon it. His rifle, an instrument of ultimate destruction, resonates with the power to end worlds. Each of his abilities, from the hauntingly beautiful Lotus Trap to the devastating Curtain Call, reflects his dominion over life and death.

For those seeking to embody the cosmic dread and awe-inspiring elegance of Empyrean Jhin, look no further. His presence on the battlefield is a reminder of the universe’s vast mysteries and the fine line between creation and oblivion.

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Category: Epic skin
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Empyrean
Model: New model, textures and animations
Particles: All new skill particles and animations
Animations: New recall animation
Sounds: New SFX – New VO processing
Release date: November 3, 2022
Sold in game?: Yes


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Empyrean JhinEmpyrean Jhin

Availability: 499 in stock

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