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Inkshadow Kai’Sa


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Inkshadow Kai’Sa embodies a tale of survival, resilience, and the indomitable will to face the darkness. Claimed by the unfathomable Void as a mere child, her journey from victim to fearsome predator speaks volumes of her strength. Together with a living Void carapace, she strikes fear into the hearts of many, standing on the brink of a decision that could change the world—forgive those who fear her or abandon them to their doom.

Her mastery in combat showcases her connection to the Void. Kai’Sa’s basic attacks don’t just harm; they leave a mark of Plasma, inflicting escalating magic damage. The more she fights alongside allies, the deadlier this effect becomes. Moreover, her arsenal evolves with her, gaining potency with each item she acquires.

The Icathian Rain, a deluge of missiles, targets her foes with precision. This onslaught only grows as Kai’Sa’s power does, unleashing an even greater barrage upon upgrading. Her Void Seeker missile marks enemies for impending doom, a mark that intensifies and becomes easier to apply with each evolution. Supercharge boosts her speed, a precursor to a devastating attack flurry. Enhanced, it grants her the art of stealth, making her an unpredictable shadow among foes.

Her ultimate, Killer Instinct, is a leap not just across the battlefield but towards her destiny. Beyond her skills, Inkshadow Kai’Sa’s story intertwines with rebellion and the quest for vengeance. A defender in the Uprising, she bore the weight of her choices, trading freedom for power with a magical, symbiotic tattoo. This pact, forged for vengeance, fuels her resolve.

Kai’Sa is more than a survivor; she is a warrior destined to confront her past and shape the future. Her journey, fraught with peril and sacrifice, is a testament to the fierce spirit within.

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Category: Epic skin
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Inkshadow
Model: New model, textures and animations!
Particles: All new skill particles and animations!
Animations: New recall animation!
Sounds: New sounds!
Release date: May 3, 2023
Sold in game?: Yes


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Inkshadow Kai’Sa

Availability: 497 in stock

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