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Mystery Skin


Unlocks a random permanent skin.

Note: this is not a hextech item, it will be fully available in your account without the need of wasting orange essence.

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  • Buy LoL Mystery Skins.
  • Orders are delivered in an average of 68 hours (we are required to wait at least 26 hours for your first order).
  • Banned accounts cannot receive orders. This does not include chat restrictions.

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Mystery Skin Gifting Basics

In League of Legends, Mystery skins and Mystery chests, priced at 490 RP and 790 RP respectively, are typically available for personal purchase during major holiday seasons. However, a convenient workaround exists – friends or someone like us can gift a mystery skin to you at any time of the year, eliminating the need to wait for holidays.

League of Legends features a variety of cosmetic mystery skin tiers priced at 520, 750, 975, 1350, and 1820 RP. Additionally, there are four ultimate skins, each costing 3250 RP, which are often the primary target for those fond of mystery gifts.

The appeal of a Mystery chest, costing 790 RP, lies in its value: it guarantees a skin worth at least 975 RP or more for a champion you own. While this means you can’t select the specific skin, it adds an element of surprise and chance. Moreover, these chests can yield skins valued well above 790 RP, including rare legacy skins no longer available in the regular game.

Despite these benefits, it’s important to note that Riot frequently offers 50% off skin sales, making direct purchases potentially more economical than the 790 RP Mystery chest. Plus, sales allow you to choose the exact skin you want.

If you have specific skins in mind, waiting for a sale might be the wiser choice, balancing the excitement of a random, potentially valuable skin against the predictability of a discounted, chosen skin.

Can I Receive a Mystery Skin For a Champion I Don’t Own?

No, you can only receive skins for champions you own. For instance, you can’t get Spirit Guard Udyr without owning Udyr.

Can I Get a Skin I Already Own?

No, you’ll only receive skins you don’t already have. It’s impossible to get duplicates.

Which Skins Are NOT Obtainable?

While Mystery gifting opens the door to many rare skins, some remain unavailable. These include:

  • End of season reward skins like Victorious Morgana
    Collector’s edition skins such as Black Alistar
    PAX skins (e.g., PAX Twisted Fate)
    Rusty Blitzcrank
    Urf the Manatee
    Championship Riven
    Riot Squad Singed
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Availability: 492 in stock

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