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Mythmaker Irelia


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In the aftermath of Noxus’s assault, Ionia saw the emergence of numerous heroes. Among them, Mythmaker Irelia of Navori stood out remarkably. Originally a master of her province’s ancient dances, she ingeniously adapted this art into warfare. She now commands a host of deadly blades with graceful, precise movements. Her bravery in battle quickly established her as a symbol of resistance and hope. Today, she remains committed to defending her homeland.

In battle, Irelia’s spells enhance her agility, granting increased attack speed. Upon reaching maximum stacks, she also receives bonus damage. Her Bladesurge allows her to dash forward, striking her target and healing herself. This ability resets if the target is Marked or defeated. Defiant Dance shows her resilience, charging a powerful strike while mitigating incoming damage. Flawless Duet epitomizes her elegance and strength, dispatching blades that stun and mark enemies caught in their path. With Vanguard’s Edge, Mythmaker Irelia unleashes a barrage of blades. These explode upon hitting an enemy champion, causing damage and marking foes. The remnants form a barrier, damaging and slowing enemies passing through.

The arrival of the Lunar Players marked a turning point in Irelia’s story. It intertwined her fate with the legend of “The Great Beast Galio”. Previously a mere observer, this twist propelled her to the forefront of her own tale. It challenged her to embrace her destiny and become the hero she aspired to be.

For those captivated by Irelia’s journey of valor and resilience, the Mythmaker Irelia skin is a perfect tribute. It encapsulates her spirit of defiance and protection.

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Category: Legendary Skin
Price: 1850 RP
Concept: Storycraft
Model: New model, textures and animations!
Particles: AI new skill particles and animations!
Animations: New recall animation!
Sounds: New SFX! – New VO processing!
Release date: 2022
Sold in game?: Yes


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Mythmaker IreliaMythmaker Irelia

Availability: 493 in stock

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