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Space Groove Twisted Fate


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In the vibrant cosmos of Space Groove, Twisted Fate transforms into a cosmic cardsharp, a master of charm and chance. With every flick of his wrist, he conjures the magic of the universe, weaving fate with a deck that sparkles like the stars. His infamous reputation as a swindler and gambler precedes him, earning both the ire and admiration of many. Yet, he navigates life with a carefree grace, always ready with a mocking smile and an easy swagger. Indeed, Twisted Fate always keeps an ace up his sleeve, ensuring fortune favors his path.

As Space Groove Twisted Fate journeys across the galaxy, his luck is palpable. With each victory, his ‘lucky’ dice roll, granting him bonus gold and fueling his adventures. His cards slice through the air, dealing damage to foes with precision and flair. Selecting a magic card, he infuses his next attack with potent effects, showcasing his mastery over mystic gambits. Moreover, every fourth attack unleashes bonus damage, his agility increasing with each swift strike.

Beyond his card-wielding prowess, Twisted Fate possesses a unique gift for foresight. Space Groove Twisted Fate reveals the location of his adversaries, allowing him to teleport across the battlefield in the blink of an eye. This skill not only highlights his strategic depth but also his role as a galactic navigator, always several steps ahead.

However, even a rogue like Twisted Fate has his quests. His search for his long-lost partner, Graves, leads him into a deal with interstellar felines. In exchange for intel, he agrees to disclose the location of The Jam, the legendary underground disco. After all, what harm could a few party crashers do in the grand scheme of the galaxy?

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Category: Epic Skin
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Space Groove
Model: New model, textures and animations!
Particles: AI new skill particles and animations!
Animations: New recall animation!
Sounds: New SFX! – New VO processing!
Release date: November 17, 2022
Sold in game?: Yes


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Space Groove Twisted FateSpace Groove Twisted Fate

Availability: 499 in stock

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