Spirit Blossom Sett


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Spirit Blossom Sett embodies the struggle between peace and fury, mirroring the internal conflict that defines his very essence. Draped in the delicate blooms of Ionia’s sacred Spirit Blossom Festival, he stands as both a guardian and a challenger. His fists unite the calm of Kanmei with the rage of Akana, dispensing both wrath and redemption.

From the fighting pits of Navori, Sett’s unbreakable spirit was honed. Amidst combat’s clash and spectators’ roars, he rose from a mere contender to the arena’s sovereign. Each strike enhances Sett’s resolve, his vitality surging as a tribute to an unyielding soul.

His battles are a spectacle of raw power; Knuckle Down drives him forward, propelled by his ancestral might. Haymaker reveals his fury, transforming accumulated pain into a shield and devastating blow. With Facebreaker, Spirit Blossom Sett captures foes in a display of dominance, and The Show Stopper serves as his ultimate act, an earth-shattering finale showcasing his unmatched power.

Haunted by a past of abandonment and driven by a thirst for retribution, Sett’s journey converges with the Spirit Blossom Festival. Here, amid the rustling whispers of redemption, he confronts the spirits of warriors. Yet, he offers no clemency, only challenging their resolve as they navigate their destiny.

For those captivated by Sett’s tale of strife and spirit, or seeking to wield his formidable power, acquiring the Spirit Blossom Sett skin is a must. With it, players can channel the essence of Ionia’s festival and embody the conflict that fuels Sett’s strength.

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Category: Legendary skin
Price: 1820 RP
Concept: Spirit Blossom
Model: New model, textures and animations
Particles: All new skill particles and animations
Animations: New recall animation
Sounds: New voice-over for Sett
Release date: October 6, 2022
Sold in game?: Yes


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Spirit Blossom SettSpirit Blossom Sett

Availability: 493 in stock

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