Strike Paladin Lucian


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Strike Paladin Lucian , the indomitable Sentinel of Light, tirelessly hunts the undying spirits that plague the living. With his twin relic pistols, he dispenses swift justice. Thresh, a malevolent wraith, once took his wife, igniting Lucian’s unyielding path of vengeance. Though she returned from the grasp of death, Lucian’s resolve against the Black Mist remains unshaken. Mercilessly, he vows to shield humanity from these spectral terrors.

In combat, Lucian’s arsenal is as dynamic as his determination. Each ability he employs readies his next attack to unleash a double-shot. Furthermore, when allies fortify Strike Paladin Lucian with healing or shields, or when he faces immobilized enemy champions, his bullets carry bonus magic damage. A bolt of piercing light or a missile exploding in a star shape are but parts of his repertoire. Marked enemies become vulnerable, their positions betrayed, enhancing Lucian’s strategic advantage.

Moreover, Lucian’s agility on the battlefield is unmatched. A swift dash allows him to reposition, dodging death and closing in on his foes. This relentless pursuit is his signature, his shots reducing the wait for his next swift move. Unleashing a torrent of shots, Lucian embodies the storm of retribution against the darkness.

Yet, there’s more to Strike Paladin Lucian  than the hunt. As the ace pilot of the Z01-Orion, he embarks on a critical mission with Strike Team Hyperion. Their goal: to recover the X01-Butterfly exosuit, now in the hands of the rogue Kai’Sa. While he may clash with Commander Camille’s tactics or ethical stance, Lucian understands the stakes. They know all too well the chaos rogue exosuits could unleash across the galaxy.

Together, they navigate the treacherous paths of morality and duty, united by a common goal. Lucian’s journey is a testament to resilience, a saga of a guardian’s relentless battle against the encroaching darkness.

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Strike Paladin LucianStrike Paladin Lucian

Availability: 500 in stock

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